Psalms, a musical journey through peoples everyday lives, and how the Psalms weaves into those lives.

Psalms Reunion Tour
The very first performance of Psalms was in 2006.
Last year we held a very successful reunion with most of the original cast. we were due to continue the tour, however, due to the recent coronavirus we has suspended any further performances for the time being.



What has been said by those who have seen Psalms?


This is an excellent new musical, performed in a simple setting by just a few dedicated actors, singers and musicians.  Of circumstances with which we are all too familiar, they give a very relevant interpretation of the Biblical Psalms as they apply to our own living experiences of frustration, joy, sadness, despair, celebration,etc.

Mervin Brown, Organist Methodist Church


Some people may have lost the sense of the actual basis of their commitment to the mystery of life.  "Psalms" seeks to reacquire and re-acquaint people with a sense of awareness to this mystery.  Through word, song and drama an innovative interpretation of the psalms, by Robert Barham, graphically draws people to make sense of their experience of life and interpret where they are and where they perhaps they could be.

Fr Anthony Parsons OCD, St Joseph’s Catholic Church


 This musical performance brings the Psalms into the modern day experience in a variety of moods: joy, sadness, despair, loneliness, celebration, praise etc.  The music is varied and catches the mood of each piece. It is presented in a very simple yet imaginative way.  Many of the songs are extremely moving and speak directly to the problems and fears of modern day living.  It is an opportunity to introduce those who would not usually appreciate or understand the message of the Psalms to their power and depth and for those who know the Psalms well a chance to experience them in a new and challenging way.

Tess Maddon, Circuit Co-ordinator